Pay for the whole year by Oct. 1st and you will receive a 10% discount off the total amount for the year. Families with two children taking classes will receive a 10% discount. Families with three or more children taking will receive a 20% discount. .
 Family yearly rate - take 10% or 20% off the monthly rate first, multiply that rate by 9 and then take another 10% off the total. Contact for more information.

Private lessons will be offered for solos at a rate of $200.00 paid up front. This will cover the lessons to learn and perfect your solo and cut music.  Lessons will be billed at $30.00 per hour for additional lessons. Lessons need to be set up with the teacher you desire to choreograph your solo.

There will be costume expenses for the Spring Recital. A 50% deposit is collected in November and the   remainder will be due in February.  There will be a $25.00 Recital fee per student $40.00 per family to help with the cost of the Recital. Each student will receive a Recital t-shirt and a participation medal  for the Finale. Tickets may be purchased online for the show - $13.00 - Adults, $7.00 - Child, Children under 3 or sitting in a lap free. 

We would like to encourage good attendance from all of our students this year. We can’t give you our best if you are not in class. 
If you decide to discontinue taking a class we will now require a 30 day written notice that you are dropping. If a notice is not received you will continue to be billed for this class. We limit our class sizes to ensure the best instruction for your child. We have turned students away from a class because it was full, only to find out that we have had students drop. This is the reason for this policy. Registration fees are non-refundable. 

 Payments may be made online. online payments will be charged a 2.5% service charge. For your conveniece you can have your account set up on auto pay. We also have a payment drop box located in the front lobby. Payments may be dropped in that box any time we are open. After hours payments may be paid through the mail slot in the waiting room door. Please notify me if you have made a payment after hours so that I can get it as soon as I arrive for the day. Checks should include your students name in the memo area. Cash payments should be in an envelope clearly labeled with parent and student name. Checks are collected daily. Tuition is due by the 15th if paid monthly. A $10.00 late fee will be applied to all payments received after this date. A $10.00 will be added to your account every month you are late. If you have extenuating circumstances and need to alter your tuition date, we are glad to work with you. Please see call or email me to have that approved. 
We realize that costumes can be costly. We are glad to take monthly payments at an amount that you set to offset your final payment. 

Kinderdance - Tap & ballet shoes, leotard & tights
Ballet - Leotard and tights, ballet shoes
All other dance classes - Dancewear- Leotards, tights, jazz pants,form fitting t-shirts or tanks. 
Beginner level tap –Black leather tap shoes. 
Intermediate level tap - black jazz tap oxfords. 
Ballet- Pink ballet shoes with a leather sole bottom. 
Jazz - Tan jazz boots. 
Lyrical - Pirouettes
Gymnastic- Form fitting clothes or leotard, bare feet. 
No street clothes please. Long hair should be pulled up and out of the face. No jewelry or gum allowed in the studio. 

Classes may be cancelled due to Inclement weather. If we decide to close you will be notified via email. 
Classes can be made up in a comparable class that is offered at a different time. Make up classes may be schedule if a class misses more than 3,  

For maximum attention of all students I ask that you enter through the waiting room door (side door) so as not to disturb class. If it is not time for your class, please wait in that area until it is time. Your teacher will come and get you when it is time for your class to start. Observers are not allowed in class on a weekly basis. It has been my experience that students perform better without parents watching. We will have Parent Observation Week about every six weeks so that you can see what we are learning and how your child is progressing. I will also be glad to discuss your child’s progress at any time before or after their class. 

 I use positive reinforcement with all my classes for behavior modification. All ages respond well to this. Examples of this are as follows: stickers for good listeners, choosing a leader for lines, having my best listeners wear the special tutu for the day and silly goose time for the last few minutes of class. Time out or sending a student out of class will only be used as a last resort and only if the student is disrupting the learning of others. AT NO TIME WILL ANY OF MY EMPLOYEES OR I SPANK OR PLACE THEIR HANDS ON YOUR CHILD. If your child has been disciplined with time out we will discuss the situation with you following their class. 
Accident and Injury Policy - If your child gets injured during their class time, we will assess their injuries and notify you immediately. First aid will be applied if called for and further medical attention will be sought if necessary. An accident and injury form will be filled out and filed at the studio. Please be sure
 that your child is not left unattended before or after their classes. I cannot be responsible for them if they are left unsupervised. Please make sure that your child and any of their siblings do not use the gymnastics equipment when they are not in a class. I cannot be responsible for injuries that occur when they are playing unsupervised. 

Students should arrive on time and be ready for class when it is time to start. It is very important for all students to participate in all warm-ups and stretching. If you arrive late you will be required to do them on your own and therefore will miss a portion of the instruction. If you need to dress at the studio, please come a few minutes early to dress so you are ready when class begins. No food or drink is allowed in the studio. Water only

My phone number is - 919-920-2965. Please call or text between the hours of 10am-2pm and 8pm-10pm. I am glad to speak with you at those times about any of your questions or concerns. You may also email me at msrobinsacad@hotmail.com/ I check this email daily. 

This year studio wide we will be adopting a "Student of the Month" policy. Students will be nominated by the teachers each month and we will be featuring their picture and a short description of why they are Student of the month on the Bulletin Board in the waiting room