Robin Boyd-Webster
Artistic Director and Owner

Meet Our Faculty 
Ms. Robin is a 1993 graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Dance Education. After a year of teaching in the public school system,  she moved back to her home town and opened a studio. "I have always had a passion for dance but I truly believe that I have been called to minister to children through the arts."

  • Artistic Director & Owner 27 yrs
  • 30 years experience in teaching dance in both the private studio setting and the public school system
  • Member of East Carolina Dance Alliance and East Carolina Dance Theater. 
  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certified

My foundational principles are: 

Some of her most recent awards are: 

1st place overall for "First Day Back" at Southeast Showdown and highest scoring group of the day, 1st place overall at Starland Nationals. 1st place overall at Dance Machine. Choreography award at Southeast Showdown.
​1st place overall and highest scoring large group for "Hall of Fame" at Southeast Showdown and Starland. 

Shannon is happily married to her husband of 8 years. They have 2 kids together, Easton and Kennedy. They enjoy going to the beach as a family and just having the most fun making memories! She loves kids! Some fun facts about Mrs. Shannon are she’s pretty decent at playing putt-putt and she can touch her nose with her tongue. Feel free to ask her to show you anytime! 
Trained in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Has had master classes in hip hop and jazz, specializing in lyrical/contemporary. As a student of Mrs. Robin’s she competed in numerous competitions and performed with her Company in Disney World. She has choreographed many dances for pageants and special events such as Christmas shows and Wayne County’s “Dancing with the Stars”. 
Been dancing 24 years, teaching for 18 years 
Favorite dance style is lyrical and contemporary
She has won numerous awards for her choreography. Most recent are 1st place overall at Starland 2021 for “Anonanimal”. 3rd place overall Starland 2022 for “Boats and Birds”. 1st place overall for “Hanging Tree”
I love watching students finally “get it”. When I’ve been explaining how to do something correctly and the light bulb finally goes off and they get it! That makes it all worth it to see the smiles after all their hard work. Oh and all the hugs I get weekly. Those are definitely a favorite! 
My dance classroom is a safe haven. I encourage students to be themselves and enjoy what they are doing. I always tell my students to give me their personal best and forget the rest! Their best is all I’ll ever ask. I want them to grow and learn but have fun along the way! 
Shannon has a unique style and produces the most beautiful and meaningful lyrical dances and has a unique style when it comes to her contemporary dances. She loves to challenge herself every year to see how she can push boundaries and mix it up. She brings a young, fresh energy to MRAD and cares about the growth of each of her students. She teaches to every level and has a way of making each student feel special. 

Tabatha is a graduate of Mount Olive College with a BA in religion. She has extensive dance training in all areas of dance but specializes in ballet. Tabatha's dance career began at Jennifer's School of Dance in Pink Hill but she extended her ballet training beyond that at Greenville Civic Ballet (GCB) and The Dance Collective, Greenville, NC where she trained in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern and Tap
In the summer of 2002 she participated in ballet Intensives with The American Ballet Theatre in Tuscaloosa. In the summer of 2003 she participated in summer intensives with The Joffery Ballet at GCSU, Milledgeville, GA. Summers 04-06 - Ballet Intensives with The Atlanta Ballet Atlanta, GA (Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Jazz, Modern, Flamenco)Aug. 04-Mar- Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education Advanced Pre-Professional Division Training.
Aug. 04 – Mar. 07 Performed with the Atlanta Ballet as ABCDE Trainee
  35 Shows of “Nutcracker” per season as Party Parent, Chinese, Dream Fairy, Flower and Snow
  “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “Giselle.” World premiere of original ballet “The Great Gatsby.”
Tabatha has multiple years experience teaching. Her employment has been with Jennifer's in Pink Hill, Greenville Civic Ballet as well as the Arts Co. She also has experience with a variety of styles of choreography including, groups and solos. 
Tabatha won 2nd place for her choreography to "All Hail King Jesus" at Dance Machine and won 1st place for "Variations from Paquita" at Southeast Showdown and Starland
Caylee Williams was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida but has been in North Carolina since she was 18. She is an elementary school teacher at Banks Elementary School. She started dancing when she was 4 and went all the way through high school. She joined the competitive dance team at 7 and was on her high school competitive dance team. Caylee started teaching dance at her church at the age of 12 and started teaching at MRAD in 2017. She teaches tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical. Her favorite style would have to be jazz or tap. Caylee’s teaching philosophy is making connections and building relationships with her students. When students walk through the door, she strives to make the environment peaceful, engaging, and lots of fun. She also wants her students to understand the connections with the music, steps, meaning with each piece. Caylee has always had dance in her heart and is extremely blessed to be teaching dance at MRAD. Caylee's most recent choreography awards are for a solo titled "Genesis." This solo placed first at Nationals. Her lyrical group "Arms" placed third. This past competition season she choreographed a solo to "Dancing on the Waves." This solo placed first in the lyrical category for it's age division and 3rd place overall. 
Meagan Lee is 20 years old and from Mount Olive NC. Meagan danced at Mrs. Robin's Academy of Dance and Gymnastics for 14 years starting at the age of 4. She joined the competition team at the age of 9 and competed 9 years. Meagan has competed in multiple competitions and placed 1st in multiple National competitions with her team. Meagan has served as a teaching assistant for many years and taught her own hip hop classes during her senior year. This coming year Meagan will be a senior at University of Mount Olive while continuing to teach dance here at Ms. Robin's Academy of Dance and Gymnastics. This will be her fourth year as a teacher. Meagan has won numerous awards for her choreography during her time teaching at MRAD. Her most recent include - Most entertaining for her fun hip hop dance to a remix of Lion King songs - 2021 and Toy Story and Space Jam 2022. She also received the crowd pleaser award for a musical theatre/ hip hop fusion dance called "Movie Night."  1st place overall for "Movie Night" "Space Jam" and "Lion King. @nd place for "Fieldhouse Freestyle", "Another Win" "The Party's just Begun" "Toy Story" and "Flex" 3rd place overall for "Get Out of My Way" and "Add it Up" and highest scoring duet of the day for "Madness" Meagan brings fresh energy to MRAD. She is great with all ages and loves to experiment with mixing genres of dance and music. 
Shannon Lane
Tabatha Hubbard
Caylee Wiliams
Meagan Lee
  • To provide a safe learning environment where all are welcome, all are challenged and all are loved. 
  • Excellence in training. I am always seeking ways to educate myself and my teachers to stay current so I can provide your children with the very best training to achieve their goals.
  • To use appropriate music and costumes. I want to honor your children as children, not mini adults 
  • To instill confidence in students that they can take into the other areas of their lives and achieve success in academics, relationships, ect.. 
  • I believe in consistency and hard work. Growth comes with failure. Keep pushing and stay consistent and you will eventually see results.